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We have all been there and spent endless time and hassle trying to pencil, powder, draw on our brows…. Not only is it time-consuming finding the right colour for our brows but to then having to create symmetry and shape every morning or evening you go out can be somewhat of a chore. Take the hassle out of everyday brow filling and take some time back for yourself or an extra ten minutes in bed.

Powder Brows Blonde
Powder Brows Brunette
Powder Brows Dark Brunette
Powder Brows Dark Brunette

Permanent brow make up can give you smudge free and waterproof brows, so gone are the days of an intense gym session to find your brows are running off your face or waking up in the morning to no brows and having to redraw them in for your day ahead. Permanent makeup will provide you a professional shape and colour to match your brow hair, enhance your natural beauty and give an instant facelift setting your eyes with new beautiful brows.

All our powder brows are bespoke and designed around your natural facial shape and brow bone. The powder brow is naturally enhancing, we aim to give as natural results as possible. We do not want you to look like you have had a brow tattoo but have just perfected your brow makeup instead.


Types of Permanent Eyebrows

All brows are created for the individual, upon consultation we will discuss which will be best for you and all types can be tweaked to suit the individual making your procedure a totally bespoke treatment just for you.

Please NOTE all procedure will initially be very BOLD and will fade and shrink by 30/40% once healed.

Powder Brows Makeup

Powder Brows

This will give your brows more of a fuller look, much like they do when you apply makeup powder or brow gel to them, hides the gaps and is best for those with sparse to little brows and oily skin.

ombre brow 4

Ombre Brows

This will give your brows more of a fuller look, much like they do when you apply makeup powder or brow gel to them, hides the gaps and is best for those with sparse to little brows and oily skin.

Combination Strokes and Shading

Combination Brows

Strokes and powder/ombré (strokes tend to be at bulb only and softer shading of powder throughout).

Hair Strokes Eye Brows

Hair Stroke

This is individual hair strokes created through the brow to imitate your brow hairs creating a soft and subtle look.

Powder Brows Faqs

What are Powder Brows?

Powder brows (also referred to as Ombre Brows) give the brow a gentle powdery appearance much like perfected makeup.

Unlike Microblading, the pigment can be built up over sessions to look exceptionally natural or can be built up to look like heavier powder makeup. This treatment is suitable for client with sparse brows and also full brows as I

Will create you a natural brow shape from following your brow bone and now your hair. I try where possible to work with as much of the natural hair as possible but for clients with uneven and asymmetrical brows sometimes a little hair is removed to even the brows out which is explained at the pre draw.

How long could Powder Brows last for?

Powder brows can last up to 18 months-3 years on normal to dry skin before needing a colour boost depending on lifestyle and skin type. If you have oily skin, it is recommended that you have a top-up session once a year. The pigment’s lifespan differs depending on skin type, skincare, sun exposure, oil in the skin, aftercare, and other factors. It will never totally go but will fade down over time. It is best to schedule a consultation to see if you are ready for a top-up.

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What’s the pre and aftercare for Powder Brows?

Powder Brows Pre-care:

• Don’t use any painkiller medication for 24 hours beforehand.

• Don’t drink any alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours beforehand.

• Verify that the treated region is free of sunburn or fake tan.

• Four weeks before and after treatment, no Botox

• Don’t use peels or retinoids for four weeks before.

• Four weeks before, avoid getting facials or LED treatments.

Powder Brows Aftercare for one week:

• Try to keep the area as dry and cool as possible.

• No swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, or gyms

• Avoid exposing the brows to direct sunlight, no sunbeds.

• Avoid scratching, picking, or rubbing your powder brows.

• Avoid getting your brows wet.

• Apply a pea-sized amount of post-treatment gel each night for seven days.

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