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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup where brows are created using a manual tool to give feather stroke hairlines.  Providing symmetry and shape the client will be left with fuller shapely brows with a natural look.

If you long for fuller looking brows, whether you are missing parts to the tail’s, bulb’s or even lack of brows altogether then microblading in Wolverhampton by Kelly Louise Aesthetics could be perfect for you. I hear time and time again at consultation how ladies are tired of filling in their brows daily, microblading changes that for you. Giving you a natural, fuller and flawless brow shape, wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up each morning with fuller brows?

I will design a bespoke brow to cater to your individual needs and tastes. Your colour will be matched to best suit your skin tone and hair colour.  As everyone is so individual I am able to help you achieve an enhanced finish to suit you whether that’s a light subtle natural enhancement or a beautiful bold brow, the choice is yours. My aim is always to enhance your natural shape and produce a fuller and flawless looking brow.

Micorblading Telford
UKPMU Award Winner 2023

I have clients travelling from Telford and the surrounding areas, including Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Albrighton, Cosford and Codsall due to the reputation of my powder brows! Taking home the award “Brow Artist of the Year” and “Lip Artist of the Year”. I am industry-recognised for outstanding contributions to the permanent make-up industry.

Look no further for a truly dedicated artist to her craft.

Microblading FAQ’s

How Long Does it Last?
Microblading is a semi-permanent pigment that can generally fade naturally within 12/18 months.
Is A Top Up Needed?
I recommend a top up every 9-12 months (depending on clients lifestyle) which will mean a reduced fee £90/120, this will help keep the hair strokes looking fresh. Clients with oily skin may need a top up more frequently.
Do You Need A Consultation?
Yes, you will need a pigment test and anaesthetic test firstly to ensure there is no reaction to the products used. If no reaction we can then go on to book your first treatment.
What Happens Next?

Your first session will start with mapping your brows to create the shape and fullness you desire. I do follow the natural brow line but this can be tweaked to a certain extent once we have mapped your natural brow shape. There is no standard shape so each brow is individual to each client. Once mapped, the outline of the brow is created and you will get to chance to change this if you wish at this point. I ensure the brows are symmetrical and once you are happy with your new brow shape we can then begin the first pass of microblading. This can take up to two hours depending on the work needed. Each hair stroke will have 2/3 passes. Once finished your brow is now only 50% complete. It will be completed once you have had your top up 4/8 weeks later. The second session I go over the hair strokes that have faded down after healing to pick them back up. At this session we can decide if you want to go darker or if you want to go thicker/longer or add extra hair strokes – this can only be done in the second session. Please note the sessions have to be 4/8weeks apart to see the colour after healing not any sooner or later.


Microblading Aftercare?

On finishing your first session you will be given guidance on aftercare as well as a sheet to take home along with Vitamin A & D ointment to help your brows heal. Please do not be alarmed after your first session as your brows will be up to 50% darker initially, over the next 28 days your brows will fade, some strokes will be completely lost usually between 7-21 days, some will reappear and others will not. Do not worry this is all part of the process and the reason we have two sessions as these strokes will be reapplied on top up.

You can not guarantee everyone’s retention of strokes as we are all individual, some will hold pigment very well and hardly need any touch up within 4/6 weeks, other’s will not hold well and will be faded sooner or completely disappear. You will have my full aftercare and support if at any time you have any questions I’m always available to help.

Microblading Aftercare


Does it Hurt?
There is a level of discomfort by the third pass on your first treatment but this is only a slight discomfort. Much like threading of brows it’s actually not even as bad at threading. You will be surprised how little you feel it throughout.
How do I Book?
Book in for your pigment & anesthetic test, once completed we can book you in for your first treatment and discuss how I can help you achieve your perfect brows. Feel free to message me on any of my social media platforms, or you can call and text me on 07900346658. Whilst in treatment, I will be unable to answer so please leave your details via text and I will respond as soon as I’m available


“Iv had my brows microbladed yesterday and I absolutely love them!! I didn’t have much there anymore which has really knocked my confidence and having to do them every day was getting time-consuming but Kelly literally created a new set of eyebrows for me and for the first time I did the nursery run with no makeup! Would highly recommend!”

Maria Caddick

“From my first meeting with Kelly I was made to feel totally relaxed. I could not believe the transformation of my face after the Microblading had been completed. I was so pleased. The studio was clinically clean and she showed me everything she was going to use before opening them. Kelly is so professional. I went on holiday 2 weeks after my top up and it was just brilliant to have eyebrows on at the end of the day after swimming and not to have to keep drawing them on!”

Thelma Thompson

Things to make your day more beautiful 

Why not after your microblading procedure continue your day of pampering?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

So you’ve worked up an appetite and need a little refuel, head over to Gluttons For Nourishment, it’s a fabulous hidden gem based in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. I highly recommend the afternoon tea, your tummy will thank you for it. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect.

Grand Theatre Wolverhampton

Next up maybe a little entertainment I recommend Grand Theatre. It receives a wide range of major touring productions including drama, musicals, ballet, dance, opera, variety, concerts, children’s shows and one of the biggest pantomimes in the UK. Admired by performers and audiences alike for its intimate three-tiered Victorian auditorium. There’s literally something for everyone!

Spa Recommendation

After the theatre, you may need a little stretch so head over to the Eterno Clinic & Spa. They do the most amazing massage treatments. Clean, chic salon with lovely staff to put you at ease. From head massage to full body, something to suit everyone’s needs.

Enjoy your pamper day! x

microblading Telford

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