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Lip Neutralising treatment near Birmingham

What is Lip Neutralisation?

Lip neutralization is needed for lip blushing on dark lips. The first step is to neutralize the cool tones and lift the darkness in the lips with the help of warm pigment. Once the lips are neutralized and healed lip blush is performed to your target colour.

Kelly Louise Aesthetics is fully qualified at Level 4 micro-pigmentation so be assured you are in safe hands with a trained, qualified and insured professional.

How do I know if I need Lip Neutralisation?

Kelly will be able to advise on this during your consultation. To give you an idea you should take a look at the Fitzpatrick levels below.  Anyone above a Fitzpatrick level three would need neutralising but sometimes a three itself can have cooler tones so may need it.

Lip Neutralizing Birmingham
Fitzpatrick Types for Lip neutralisation

Lip Neutralising Results

Any ladies or gents above The Fitzpatrick scale of 3 or above can tend to find they hold darker tones to their lip pigment. 

If you are looking to achieve a lighter lip tone then lip neutralising is a procedure by where we tattoo the lip with a certain colour pigment to lift the darker tones and lighten them to the desired look.

Most lip neutralising can take multiple sessions and I always advise a minimum of two. Depending on how dark the original lip pigment is will depend on how many sessions are needed.

I have found in most cases two sessions gives the client a dusty pink blush tone to their lips and most are happy with this. If you would like a more vibrant colour then a third and possibly fourth session may be needed.

Please contact Kelly Louise for guidance on your lip neutralising before booking in on the online booking system.

Lip Neutralising Birmingham
Lip Neutralising Results Birmingham
Lip Neutralising
Dark Lip Neutralizing Birmingham
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Lip Neutralising Faqs

Lip Neutralizing Aftercare?

To achieve the best results, it is vital, that you follow my aftercare advice. Please review the following guidelines and refer to them as necessary. If during the healing process, you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact Kelly.

You may experience the following symptoms for 4 days

  • Swelling & redness
  • Tenderness
  • Flaking and mild itching as the lips heal
  • Dry skin may remain for up to 3 weeks

These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process.


First 2 days

  • A disposable cold pack provided may be applied as necessary to reduce swelling (wrapped in a baby wipe or thin cloth)
  • Lightly pat the lips with sterile water only to clean twice a day with a damp cotton pad
  • Apply the aftercare balm lightly when necessary using a clean dry cotton bud
  • Drink out of a straw
  • Avoid spicy & salty foods

Daily care for up to 10 days or once flaking is finished:

  • Wash hands before applying the product with a finger or bud to avoid cross-contamination of the product by not replacing the used bud into the balm
  • Apply the aftercare balm lightly when necessary using a clean dry cotton bud
  • Do not splash wash your face as this will make the lips too wet. Do clean lips with a damp cotton pad if needed twice a day
  • If enhancement does get wet then gently pat dry using a clean tissue
  • Itching is normal, pat lightly with balm using a clean finger to ease the itching
  • No make-up should be worn for 5 days whilst healing
  • No kissing for 5 days to prevent infection
  • Do not receive any further beauty treatments for 5 days after your enhancement
  • DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR RUB your enhancement as you will lose pigment and be left with uneven pigment colour. Allow skin the flake away naturally

Avoid for 2 weeks:

  • Do not expose your enhancement to direct sun, tanning treatments, jacuzzis, saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools and direct shower spray
  • Do not receive bleaching, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments close to your enhancement
  • Do not use lip plumping products
  • Do not receive lip filler

Important Notes:

If you suffer from cold sores at present or at any time in the past you must use an anti-herpes medication for example Zovirax, 5 times daily for 1 week or anti viral tablet course three days prior and three days after the procedure to help reduce the risk of a Coldsore breakout. If an outbreak occurs, it will generally begin on day 3 of the healing process.
The selected colour on the day of treatment will initially be stronger and more sharply defined.
On day two of treatment, the lips will appear slightly darker in colour (this is normal).
Days 3-5 colours will start the shed away in flakes – it is important not to pick this flaking skin as the colour will come out with the flakes. Let them naturally flake off in patches.
After flakes are off your lips will appear much lighter. Over the next 3 weeks, the colour will develop again and heal to a much softer version of the initial colour.
The approximate healing period is 14 days, however, healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised if you are generally stressed or have a poor diet.
Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of colour is to be expected. This is the purpose of the perfecting second session allowing us to perfect your enhancement colour and shape.

Long-term care:

It is important to take good care of your lips and condition and protect them. Spf is important to use as sun exposure will fade your enhancement.
Keep them hydrated 24/7.
If you are planning a chemical peel, laser, ipl on you’re face or an MRI scan please inform the technician of your micro-pigmentation enhancement.
Please inform the National Blood Service if you donate blood,  as you may not be eligible to give blood for 4 months post-enhancement.

If you have any further questions regarding lip blush enhancement and neutralising please contact Kelly with your enquiries on 07900346658

How long does it take for lip neutralization to heal?

Lip neutralizing superficially will heal within a few days which means the lips will begin to dry and flake within the first 3/4 days however clients with Fitzpatrick skin type 3+ have melanin-rich skin and so the healing of the colour will take longer. In some cases it can take up to ten weeks to see a true heal (colour heal) this is why we do not treat again until week 12 for neutralising. The skin heals superficially very quickly but the lip will hold a hue of colour masking the true colour, as the lips heal beneath the skin surface which can take up to 10 weeks the lips then become more transparent so we can see the true colour.

The lips can sometimes become slightly darker within the first two weeks and this can last for a week or longer, everyone is so individual on healing but as rough guidance, most of my clients will see the true heal by week 8/10 and then we retreat at week 12 to lift the colour some more and give longevity of the treatment. Neutralising is a two-part treatment to get the best results however some clients with less melanin in their lips may find we achieve a lightness they are happy with after just one session.

What should you not do after Lip neutralizing?

Do not touch your tattoo with dirty fingers, remember it is an opened and healing wound. An infection could possibly ruin the tattoo.

Don’t get your tattoo too wet for too long. It will make the scabs soggy and easier to fall off prematurely. Remember, you want to keep the scabs on for as long as you can, let them fall off naturally.

Moisturise with the recommended or provided aftercare. (moisturise as often as you can.)

Do not sleep on your face to avoid lifting your scabs prematurely and make sure you’re sleeping on a clean pillowcase to avoid infection.

Avoid harsh cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on the treated area until all the scabs have naturally fallen off. These things can jeopardize the healing of the tattoo.

Don’t pick, scratch or bite off the scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment, or an infection.

Do not expose your tattoo to UV rays or tanning beds for 4 weeks after the procedure. These things can alter the appearance of your tattoo dramatically.

Do not sweat on the tattoo until all the scabs have come off naturally. Sweat will take the pigment from your tattoo. If you do sweat on them, dab it off immediately.

Do not get any facials, Botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks post appointment date. 

Once Fully Healed:

It is strongly recommend that you do not use any of the following on your tattoo: Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycolic acid, Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E and C, and Retinol. These products can lighten or fade your tattoo faster. We also recommend wearing sunscreen as the UV rays will deteriorate the pigment and lighten or fade the tattoo faster as well. Salt water and chlorine can also deteriorate the pigment faster as well. Rinse with water after contact.

If you are having any laser or facial beauty treatments please inform your technician before procedures that you have a permanent makeup tattoo.

This treatment does fade after 2-5 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. Touch-ups are necessary to maintain the longevity and overall beauty of your tattoo. If you have oily skin, an iron deficiency, or a very strong immune system, your pigment will not last as long and will not heal as crisp as others.

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Why are my lips still dark after Lip Neutralization?

Lip neutralisation is a cosmetic procedure that addresses dark uneven pigmentation to the lips by balancing and brightening uneven lip pigmentation. However, the effectiveness of the procedure can vary depending on several factors. Here are some reasons why your lips
may still appear dark after lip neutralization:

Incomplete Neutralization:
The pigmentation of the lips can be challenging to neutralise entirely in a single session. In all cases, you will require two sessions but some may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired result, especially if the pigmentation is darker.

Skin Type and Dark Lip Pigmentation:
Individuals with naturally darker skin tones will have more melanin in their lips, making it challenging to completely neutralise the colour in two sessions. The response to the procedure can vary based on individual skin types and pigment levels. We can most certainly still lighten the lip but this will take more sessions to do so.

Sun Exposure:
Exposure to the sun can affect the colour of the lips. If the lips are not adequately protected from UV rays, they may darken despite the lip neutralisation procedure. Using lip balm with SPF and practising sun protection is crucial to maintain the results.

Post-Procedure Care:
The success of lip neutralization can be influenced by how well post-procedure care is followed. This may include avoiding sun exposure, not picking at the treated area and using recommended ointments or creams. Ensuring the lips are in the best condition before treatment will only benefit the results. Dry cracked lips will not retain a lot of pigment therefore following pre-procedure guidelines is a necessity for achieving good results.

Underlying Skin Conditions:
Some underlying skin conditions can contribute to uneven lip colour. If there is an underlying issue, addressing it may be necessary for effective results.

Natural Healing Process:
The body’s natural healing process can affect the outcome. The full results of lip neutralisation may take some time to manifest as the skin heals and regenerates, with darker lip pigmentation I allow 10/12 weeks for healing before a second session is completed.

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What medical conditions would prevent me being able to have this treatment?

Anyone with heart conditions or on medication for a heart condition.

If you are taking aspirin as a daily medication or any blood thinners.

Anyone that suffers from keloid scaring.

Is dark Lip Neutralising safe?

I comply with and exceed all safety standards when performing Dark Lip Neutralization. For example, if the darkening of the lips is associated with trauma or bruises, then Dark Lip Neutralization is not recommended. This may appear to be hyperpigmentation or

Being an award-winning lip artist, you are in both safe and talented hands.

Does lip neutralizing make lips bigger?

Superficially your lips will be healed within a few days, they will dry out and flake a little over 3/4 days everyone is different as we all have individual skin and heal differently but in most cases within a few days the initial brightness has faded and the lips dry out.

Aftercare is provided to nourish the lips as they flake much like chapped lips. Once this has finished you are left with subtle colour. This may stay faded for another week or so as the skin is healing within the skin and as the skin heals more translucent the colour will come back through but much more of a subtle blush of colour compared to that of the initial procedure. We do not treat again until week six to ensure the lips are fully healed before completing your treatment with your perfecting session. At this session, less work is needed so many find they heal much quicker during this session.

Do you bleed during lip neutralizing?

The majority of the time no bleeding will happen during this treatment, the technique used to create a soft lip blush colour will not cause the trauma to create a lot of blood, however, if a client has fragile skin (mature skin) or has drank caffeine/alcohol or had aspirin/ibuprofen on the day of treatment then pin prick points of blood may occur.

I ask clients to follow my pre-treatment advice for this reason as bleeding will not give us the best possible results of retention. Hence, it is very important you follow your pre-treatment advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

How long are lips swollen after lip neutralizing?

This will depend on the client and a few factors. Clients with filler can swell a little more than clients without. Either way, all swelling will reduce within the first four/six hours of treatment. You are sent home with an aftercare pack and lip mask to use, the antihistamine is also advised to help with any swelling but in most cases, the swelling has reduced by the evening and gone by the next day. In some cases, if you are very sensitive you may take a day to lose all swelling.

Applying a cold compress and using the lip mask provided will help you reduce swelling faster.

Is lip neutralizing painful ?

A numbing agent is used throughout the treatment, everyone has a different pain threshold so I will just reapply numbing as and when you need it to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.

I have had a client previously fall asleep during treatment so as you can see not painful at all for some.

Can you kiss after lip neutralizing?

I recommend clients refrain from kissing for 24 hours after treatment. The lips are now an open wound (although they look normal) they must be treated in this way to prevent any bacteria or infection is created. I provide my clients with a straw to take home so that they do not have even to touch a glass whilst drinking, this is only until the lips have superficially healed on the outside.

How do you prepare your lips for neutralizing?

To give us the best possible outcome with your treatment we need to prepare the lips by exfoliating them daily and nourishing them lips to ensure they are free from any hard/dry skin. I recommend clients do this the week running up to their treatment each night before bed, a gentle lip exfoliant or even just some sea salt with oil to circle over the lips, and finish with some nourishment before bed ie lip butter.

The softer the lips are for treatment the easier the pigment will implant which means less treatment time and less trauma resulting in faster healing and better retention. Win-win.

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