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1. Professional tint – Visit a professional beautician who has experience tinting, this must be done prior to shaping as this will do wonder’s to accentuate your brow turning those softer fairer hairs darker to give the illusion of a fuller brow

2. Threading – I highly recommend threading over waxing this is a personal preference but I feel its less of a pull on the skin. Giving a sharper finish and shape to your brows, go with a recommended beautician not a £1-2 threading treatment in a back street shop

3. Brush – Shape brow hairs into place by brushing in a upward motion with a brow brush before applying any eyebrow products

4. Filling – Using a brow powder and angled brush start by enhancing the base of the brow from bulb to tail then brush product up through brows to blend, add more and continue to brush to blend out

Tips for top eye brows

5. To create a more natural, less product filled brow use a clean brow brush to brush through the brow after products are applied to help disperse product

6. Use a highlighter on the brow bone to accentuate the shape of the brow

7. When choosing a brow shade be sure to test first not to make brows look too dark/light compared to complexion of natural hair colour. Ask for advice if you need it in shops. You generally find a medium brown will suit the majority of brows, the lighter fairer brows may be suited to a taupe or light brown

8. Growth – Top tip and personal fav using Rapid Lash yes lash not brow this has worked amazingly for myself and many customers to help fill in gaps. You need to apply each bedtime to your gaps or where you want more hair

Hope those top tips help you create beautiful brows. If you prefer a little pamper then book in for a tint, shape and fill, I will happily go through it with you so you can recreate the same look at home

Kelly Louise x

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